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Choose Smart, be Smart

A place where we add colors to your Child’s Dreams and make Education more Creative.


Our mission is to prepare students to be fully equipped with all knowledge  in our fast paced changing society. We will provide a safe and supportive learning environment that encourages children to explore, makes learning fun and builds a foundation for continued success throughout their educational career. We will ensure that our students develop their skills and intellectual competencies that are essential for success and leadership in the future.


Our vision is to develop confident, responsible and well-mannered students who aspire to achieve their full potential. We will do this by providing a diverse, secured, fun and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated.  

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We make your child

Music Smart

To make a child music smart we involve him/her in various activities such as singing songs, playing simple instruments and listening to different types of music depending on age. 

Number Smart

To make a child number smart we encourage them to explore the numbers around them in the environment, such as counting objects in the room or practice with number games.

Body Smart

To make a child body smart we encourage physical activities by providing plenty of opportunities for physical play. Secondly, by helping children to develop good nutrition habits. 

Logic Smart

To make a child logic smart we introduce them problem solving activities, encourage them to think outside the box and by introducing them basic logical puzzles and games that addresses the logical thinking and problem solving skills.

People Smart

To make a child people smart we provide them an enriching environment filled with age-appropriate activities, books and toys. Second, talk and read with them every day and nurture their curiosity and give them plenty of time and attention.

Give Wings to Your Child

Our Celebrations and Activities

Pre-School Graduation Day


रंग - संग परिवार


Parents Teachers Meeting

Birthday's Celebrations

Class Room Activities


Mother's Day Celebration

Fireless Cooking by Moms

Gift for New Students


Welcome of Students


Yellow Day Celebration


Fine Motor Skill Activities


Thumb Painting

Brain Development Games

Our Features

Early years of a child’s life are the most important. RKC is an institution that provide a safe, nurturing environment for young children to learn basic skills, such as language and communication, play and physical development.

To make toddlers feel comfortable
for enjoyment and growth of tiny tots
reducing the stage fear from early childhood
To improve mind motor skills
To make kids have fun while learning
For Physical Growth of Your Child

Our Daily Activities for Your Tots

Sister Concern (Goyal Abacus and Handwriting Classes)

We also deals in Abacus Education, Handwriting Improvement (In Hindi & English), Vedic Maths, Calligraphy, Tuition Classes, Mid Brain Activation etc.

Ms. Neha Goyal

(Principal & Managing Director of RKC)

RKC is all set with threshold ideas and Experience of Ms. Neha Goyal in the field of Skill Courses from the last 12 years. She is well trained educator of handwriting improvement, Abacus & Phonics.

Call & WhatsApp us : @8929089898

Vishavkarma Chowk, Near AV Collection, Narwana (126116)

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